Summer Kiev rest'n'fest

9 - 14 AUGUST, 2016, KIEV

AUGUST 9-14 / 2016

24hours workshops
5 nights at 5* hotel
2 parties

$ 500 for winner



SUMMER KIEV rest'n'fest 2016

Tuesday, 09 August 2016

# Session Speaker(s) Time Venue
1 Chekin ..... 12:00 - 14:00 Hotel
2 Beach Open Air ..... 14:00 - 19:00 Pool, Beach
3 Opening Party ..... 19:00 - 23:00 Hotel's Grill restuarant

Venue of SUMMER KIEV rest'n'fest 2016

PLATIUM spa&resort

10% discount for early payment till April 15

Early payment till May 15 -5%
Payment after July 30
from $180*
  • Group transfer from Kiev to hotel
  • Accommodation in the selected room type (9-14 augst)
  • 2 parties (meals included)
  • Group transfer to competition and back
  • Ticket to competition and Gala show
  • Group transfer from hotel to Kiev

* Price of package depends on the type of accommodation

from $343*
  • Group transfer from Kiev to hotel
  • Accommodation in the selected room type (9-14 augst)
  • 2 parties (meals included)
  • Group transfer to competition and back
  • 24 hours workshops**
  • Group transfer from hotel to Kiev

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